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  1. A

    Is there a job in the Air Force that designs planes?

    My dream is to be in the air force and help design planes. However, the more I read the more it suggests that the Air Force doesnt have doesnt design their own planes. Bassicly I want to be an aeronautical engineer for the air force. Is their such a thing? Thanks.
  2. D

    Does the DoD ever actually "Cancel" a program completely?

    What I am wondering, and what made me think of this, is because the first week in office, President Obama said he would be canceling the “unnecessary, over budget, new presidential helicopter contract. Well the next day on Global, a company was given something like $100 million...
  3. F

    Graduation Ceremony Performance by Sherdils & JF-17

    These snaps are from the last Graduation ceremony at the PAF Academy Risalpur. Do Comment!
  4. W

    New Weather Satellite launched for military defense: DMSP satellite

    DMSP will be used for strategic and tactical weather prediction to aid the U.S. military in planning operations at sea, on land, and in the air. New Weather Satellite launched for military defense: DMSP satellite
  5. Todjaeger

    Royal Australian Air Force [RAAF] News, Discussions and Updates

    Thought I'd start a general RAAF thread, since many of the existing ones end up shifting back and forth despite the initial start of the topic. That and I have a question that doesn't quite seem to pertain to any active thread at present. Currently the Project Wedgetail (AIR 5077) for the...