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INS Abhay (Abhay {Pauk II} Class)

Weapons: One quad launcher of the Strela-2M (SA-N-5) SAM, manual aiming with infra-red homing to 6 km at Mach 1.5 with a 1.5 kg warhead. Max. altitude is at 2500 metres. One AK-76/60 76mm gun with 85º elevation with 120 rds/min to 15 km. Also fitted with a 30mm gun with 3000 rounds a minute to 2 km. Four 533mm (2 twin) torpedo tubes. Use the SET-65E; anti-submarine, active & passive homing torpedo to 15 km at 40 knots with a 205 kg warhead. Two RBU 1200 five-tubed fixed with range of 1200 meters.

INS Abhay (Abhay {Pauk II} Class)
brahmos, May 31, 2005