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we all know that ind-pak is most unstable region in the world now ,
because they dont trust each other,so being responsible can we start a thread on which their basic difference (only with solid proof ) be dicussed .
I no fightingg on this must not be allowed i the thread. each and every on posts in this thread must justyfy his/her statement.for example if we are talking about kashmir issue there must relevant proof to support ones statement.

can we start a thread on this , web i am waiting for your permission.


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There is no need for such topic. I have enough experience to say no to this right away.

It will start with vows and promises but turn into mud slinging contest immediately. The blame game which continues from both governments will quickly find its way into the thread as well. So, no.

As far Kashmir, well it needs to be resolved and no body knows how. Kashmiries have suffered enough, at the hands of the Indian forces as well as their will to fight for their rights and freedom. The ones who created this mess are now busy arming both of the countries. Go figure.

The mod team nor my self have the patience to feed the circus animals.
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