Local Personal Arms


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Both India and Pakistan have not been able to manage to bring to local market their own made arms of civil defence and hunting. There are though local made weapons but of private lower level industries and even hand made. Instead, by some way or other European, Chinese, American, Turkish, Russian and South American shotguns, pistols and rifles are brought to the market. These weapons are costly and upon having some defect in any part can be repaired by only a hand made one. In Pakistan I bought an Indian file that works better than the Chinese one available in the market. There are guns and revolvers of United India times in the market but no modern weapon of the known industries of either country is available. We seem to be keen to transfer our scarce money outside.


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Well, the Oriental Arms company in Bihar, India, makes Single and Double barrel Shotguns as does India Arms. I've read where the citizens of India are more actively seeking the right to bear arms. They even have a NRA chapter now!