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I believe this is the first time we're seeing Trophy's shutters opening prior to interception:

I wanted to link to an interesting post made by an analyst I follow, but unfortunately his website's down. There he asserted that APS typically have low munition counts (4-6) because the relative vulnerability of APS's external components limits it to around this amount of interceptions before it's disabled somehow.
Naturally the launchers themselves are most vulnerable as they have no layers of redundancy yet, while sensors are redundant. For example radar + EO.
This is particularly important in urban areas where an infantry section can plan and coordinate an attack on an AFV, with higher degree of initiative options than in open ground. They could target an APS's launcher with small arms and follow up with an AT weapon.
This was highly likely attempted by Hamas in Gaza.

John Fedup

The Bunker Group
This article discusses the measures being taken to protect tanks from drones, explosives dropped from buildings and magnetically attached to armoured skirts during recent fighting in urban areas. Some of these measures apply to Ukraine as well. Militaries around the world will be taking note.

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IDF announces emergency program to defend itself against the threat of drone swarms.
Israel arguably has the best air defense array in the world - national level defense in multiple tiers. However that isn't quite enough. Israel lacks air defenses on the tactical level, as well as against threats that become increasingly cheaper such as light drones.

  1. Since 7/10 the IDF has spent "hundreds of millions of NIS" (1 NIS = 0.27 USD) on soft kill systems.
  2. The program includes the acquisition of existing, in-production systems from the defense industries.
  3. It also includes buying, supposedly in future tense, systems like the Typhoon, Mini Typhoon (Typhoon is a family of maritime RWS), and Pitbull (light RWS).
  4. Finally, it includes investment in development of tailor-made products involving the big industries - Rafael, IAI, Elbit.
  5. One example given is RWS directed by radars, installed in sensitive areas.
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New Lahav pics dropped. Reportedly in use since early days of the war.
Users report significant quality of life improvements over the old M270, including some opportunities granted by using a wheeled chassis, particularly since Israel's internal logistics rely on a system of highways with time constants of hours.

It is encouraging that the IDF chose to increase its reliance on the HEMTT for logistical as well as combat purposes. It will reduce life cycle costs and ease both material and training logistics.



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Link to IDF website

In light of the current difficult security reality, as well as public sentiment that Israel's defense posture was overly relaxed and the IDF's own admission of manpower shortages, a new plan was proposed by the IDF and has been forwarded to the Knesset for a vote.
The rationale is to increase the reserve component's share

Some of the key aspects of the plan:
  • Mandatory service extension: 32 -> 36 months.
  • Reserve service exemption age increased:
    • 40 -> 45 (regular).
    • 45 -> 50 (officer).
    • 49 -> 52 (unique professions).
  • Reserve duty length increased:
    • 54 / 3 years -> 42 / year (regular).
    • 70 / 3 years -> 48 / year (NCO).
    • 84 / 3 years -> 55 / year (officer).
  • Operational activity length increased: 25 days in a row -> 40 days in a row.
Over the past several years the IDF has been strongly hinting at manpower shortages. While some political elements tried to hide it, the IDF is certainly making its case clear right now with this proposal.
As explained here before, the majority of servicemen are secular Jews. Arabs are exempt from service with the exception of Druze, and ultra orthodox Jews use legal loopholes to get out of service. Being over 10% of the population and the fastest growing demographic, they are a significant contributor to the necessity of this proposal. However, should the proposal become reality, it will essentially give them a free pass on service refusal.

It is difficult to say whether the proposal will actually pass. On one hand the majority of the coalition's remaining voter base has never served nor plans to serve. On the other hand, they may try to torpedo it in order to restore some voters.
For the ultra orthodox parties the calculus is a bit more complex. They do wish to protect their voters from military service since service is considered a productive activity which is against their beliefs, but they are acutely aware of the massive public anger toward them and the potential consequences in the years to come. Perhaps that is why we are hearing some calls from within that sector to enlist, but that may just be too little too late.


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M113 UGV spotted in Gaza in one of Hamas's videos. It appears to use a General Robotics Pitbull RCWS. The minimalistic and seemingly improvized setup indicate that this is likely an experimental system.


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In an investors' conference, Elbit details new factory that will begin operation in 2024. It will focus largely on production of munitions but also support production of platforms for the IDF and foreign customers.
Plans for the factory were announced several years ago and it seems we're nearing completion.


Additionally, Elbit's CEO said the IDF will acquire 144 Ro'em howitzers, with first units becoming operational this year.
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IAI Elta unveils the M3S2 (ELI-3312) APS against loitering munitions and drones.
The system utilizes sensors developed by Elta, connected to a fire computer and an MG. These allow engaging drones out to hundreds of meters. It can be inferred that it may also engage drones that position themselves directly above the target.

The system seems to utilize the OTHELLO optical target detection system (above the radar), and the ELM-2133 WindGuard radar, both of which are used by the Trophy system.

This indicates that Trophy may now be improved to tackle drones by slaving existing firing assets to it.
Such connection may also be used by Trophy to return immediate fire on a firing source if the main gun isn't suitable for the task (e.g. rotation speed, elevation limits etc).
I have advocated for such a system for a long time. Roof mounted machine guns are an under-utilized assets, and if infantry can snipe drones with small computerized sights, so should heavier AFVs.