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Hey, Thank you.

We already know about this pest problem. I encourage you NOT to support such sites as they serve to fool and distract you from the real thing. It is setup by 16 year old Pakistani kid who has also copied and cloned his other "pak" site on DT and also cloned pakistani defence forum, pakdef, WAB, and also tried making clone of sinodefence.com but we had it shutdown.

Also read this and spread (within their community and elsewhere):

DefenceTalk.com threatened and cloned
Due to popularity of DefenceTalk.com and some of the standards that it has introduced over the years, some young teenagers are forced to make websites that are direct clones of DefenceTalk and its partner sites or sites which resemble their look, feel and general layout. Read More...

Please use Contact Us at the top and bottom of each page of the website to contact us in such matters.[/B]

Thank you!


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Oh good, glad you know I tried to use the contact us button link it didn't work for me, any cool.