Incredible POWERFUL F-16 Afterburners; Volkel Vipers...... Light the Fire!!!!


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Incredible Powerful Afterburners; Volkel Vipers Light the Fires. This is the title of today's video. This footage is made during the evening & night sorties of the F-16 Fighting Falcon of the Royal Netherlands Air Force at Volkel Air Base. The F-16's appeared at the holding point during sunset. Unfortunately the weather was quite cloudy and therefore no sunset shots were possible. But instead the burners of these Vipers would play a fantastic role in this video. Due to the dark weather and the upcoming evening, the afterburners of these Vipers would light up as never before, at least for me! In total eight F-16s would depart. In this film the first wave of four aircraft are shown. these four aircraft departed at 1700LT. Due to the darkness the burners would really light up. Personally I experienced this as incredible. Just sit down and enjoy the show. Don't forget to pump up the volume as the afterburners are very loud!!! ABSOLUTE AIRPOWER!!