How to upload your pictures to the Gallery


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Please see attached images for a quick walk through.

If you have any questions or need to upload pictures in bulk - that can be arranged through FTP. Please let me know either by posting here or in email at [email protected]



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Please remember to put proper TITLE to any picture(s) you upload. The picture should be properly TITLED so that all of us who look at it know what it is and also it helps when people search on search engines.

If you don't know anything about the picture you are uploading, atleast put military branch and the type of equipment.

Picture being uploaded to the US > Air Force > Bombers > B-2 < section would have title look like something this:

US Air Force - B-2 Bomber

Or picture being uploaded to the US > Army> Tanks > Abrams

US Army - Abrams Tank

Use these examples only when you don't know what to put as a title... above examples are pretty specific and anyone looking at the picture gets a general idea of what is the picture about.

There is a great chance of pictures not getting approval if they lack atleast a title.


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I have been a member of the Forum since 2006, and have uploaded many photos to the picture forum in that time.
But lately, I have found when I am logged in and on the pictures forum page, there is no functional "Upload Photos" link to do so, and this function is not displayed at all on the page! or related pages. I have tried all I know to no avail.
Could you please suggest a course of action,
thanks John. :confused: