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The ever growth of DefenceTalk's Military Gallery has prompted us to offer free and unrestricted service to PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHERS.

What is this all about? If you are a professional photographer, you are probably on the road most of the time, taking pictures?

Well, if you are one of those who:

  • do not want to maintain their own website
  • do not want to pay for storing their pictures on the web
  • do not want to deal with web host companies and freak ups
  • do not want to start all over with their 'new' website promotions, etc.
  • do not have time to look after the website

  • want to advertise their services to global audiance in picture description, etc.
  • you will get your own section with ability to add unlimited categories and albums along with FTP upload access + plus a short guide in how to use FTP clients if you wish to obtain one
  • A page on the website with your profile and background so people can recognize your work easily
  • Contact for your specific needs!
  • Its all free, never pay for anything!
This thread will be here so if any photographers interested, please contact us for details or if you have any questions or have something specific that you want to know about.

Other "standard" features included are:
+ FTP-access (available on request)
+ unlimited MB and unlimited files to upload
- hotlinking allowed for selected partner/friends sites only (let us know, it wll be added to friendlies)
- filesize limit 2000x2000 (file is auto-resized if it is larger, larger image size supported on request)
- upload in over 4500 organized categories from world military forces. You will find every single piece of hardware that militaries use. (some sections under going development)
- Files auto resized
- bbcodes auto-generated for you to use on forums
- upload 10 files at a time from web based upload page
- You are able to go back to pictures you uploaded in member galleries or category that you uploaded to...
- Video files support available
- Your uploaded files are never deleted
- Proper title of the picture is required
- Only Registered members can upload, registration is FREE.


In Addition to the above:

- Video/movie support for file sizes 50 MB and smaller, will go up to 100 MB in the future. FTP access available upon request.
- Video file types: .mpeg,.mpg,.avi,.asf,.wmv,.mov
- Large images are auto resized to 1600 x 1600
- HTML image codes generated for you to use on html pages and / or your blogs in addition to bbcodes.
- Ability to create your own albums within your "member" galleries in addition to hundreds of other categories available to you with PASSWORD protection(optional)
- Medium size (few KBs) image creation for faster browsing and preview purposes and still keeping the original file
- RSS Feeds
- Just moved to better server and faster connection to accomodate your needs!
- Free, never pay. has one of the webs largest categorized military galleries with almost 17,600+ pics. Don't end up in a bucket or in a shack, upload military pictures where they belong, DefenceTalk!
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