Defamation of country leaders

Khairul Alam

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Dear mods, I believe some people in DT have been making slanderous statements about the leaders of countries such as Libya and Iran. Iran has been called a "terrorist state" without providing sufficient proof. Ahmedinejad has been called "a stupid". I personally believe the forum rules about derogatory statements should be applicable to all country leaders.
Thank you.


Troll Hunter
Staff member
Just let us know the threads/post with their links so we can take care of it. I have a feeling who it might be... some hotheads never learn!


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I wish there where more people like you,
i think this site is a very respectabil web site and to onc agien thank the very person that have spooken out on bashing of world leaders. for im half libyan and half Iranen thank you web master and AD :D