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UK vs France dfence spend and capability

This is a discussion on UK vs France dfence spend and capability within the Geo-strategic Issues forum, part of the Global Defense & Military category; The 2017 Global Firepower ratings place France fifth and the UK sixth. It reports the UK defence budget as 30% ...

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UK vs France dfence spend and capability

The 2017 Global Firepower ratings place France fifth and the UK sixth.

It reports the UK defence budget as 30% bigger than France ($45.7 billion vs. $35 billion) and yet France has 205,000 military personnel to the UK's 150,000, she has 63% more tanks than the UK (406 vs. 249), 52% more aircraft (1,305 vs. 856) and we know that she has had capabilities the UK has lacked for years such as maritime patrol aircraft and an aircraft carrier.

Both countries have a similar cost base and both maintain a submarine based deterrent force. So are the apparent differences in resources not telling the full story or is the UK just getting shocking vale for money for its defence spending?
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Cobber, threads or posts that are x Vs y, can lead to acrimony and usually are based on unreliable sources, such as Global Firepower. How each country allocates its resources, to implements its policy objectives varies between countries as do the policy objectives.
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I wouldnt read into it. Could be France in far more efficient in there spending but at the same time could be there forces are underfunded. Could also be the british budget allows for expenditures that the French doesnt etc

Point is with out an extremely detailed break down of the spending (And I have tried and failed to find such info) it is impossible to compare them as any discussion is based entirely off of rudimentary numbers.
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This vs that thead closed. The mod team is disappointed that as a long time member of the forum the thread starter has failed to observe the forum rules. Kindly read the forum rules before starting another thread.

We also note that as Global Firepower is a sad joke that has a defective methodology and numerous errors in their data (whose editors insist on not correcting errors). Therefore it is not seen as a trusted or as a remotely valid source.

Free flowing discussions in general, using sources is encouraged, however using Global Firepower as a source falls below the minimum standards required for participation in DefenceTalk.
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