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Build a Military Scenario with maps, threats and national interests inside

This is a discussion on Build a Military Scenario with maps, threats and national interests inside within the Geo-strategic Issues forum, part of the Global Defense & Military category; ...

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Build a Military Scenario with maps, threats and national interests inside

Congratulations, you are the Minister of War for Blue-Force-Land. You will be in office for 10 years, provided the president doesnít relieve you of your position. The Map is attached. First lets get some background on your nation. Blue-Force-Land is a former British Colony that gained independence 5 years ago. For those 5 years you were considered a protectorate; the British having given you 5 years to acquire a capable self defense force. However the political party in charge spent money on social programs and failed to build an effective military service. Appeals to the British to extend protection, and their forward deployement of units have failed, the British having other concerns world wide with the WOT. Your party was elected to build up the military.

Blue-Force-Land facts:
-33 million people (red dots are the major cities, the center most dot the capital)
-Titanium mines, gold in the northern mountains
-off shore
-oil and gas discoveries in the plains, but not yet developed
-Government is 3 branches:
-not pictured on the map, but you also control an Island chain ~900 miles East by Northeast. This chain has about three-dozen islands, ranging in size from 150 square miles on the largest island to 25-50 square miles for the majority of the islands, plus several tiny islands. Oil has been discovered on these islands, and there is a major port that services an international shipping route through this chain
-former British colony, just released from British rule and protection 5 years ago
-conscription is mandatory for all youths, requiring 2 years of military training Ė these do not form the active duty military though, which is all volunteer
-despite being a British Colony, the personal possession of firearms is virtually unrestricted with regards to buying or carrying; the population is very much a gun culture, and there are estimated to be 40-60 million private firearms in the country - more than 1 per person. Crime is very low as a consequence.

Cost of living, etc is comparable to Rural US as far as fuel, food costs, wages etc. Keep that in mind when budgeting payroll for your army.

Your population has similar education levels as the US/UK/Europe. You are for all practical purposes similar to these populations sans the military or major companies/corporations. Standard of living is similar as well.

The military was formed from the internal security forces that operated under British Rule. There is not much heavy weaponry in the inventory. Most vehicles are old Land Rovers used for patrol, and for heavier work there is an inventory of armored cars. What Blue-Force-Land had was organized into the units listed below.

9x Defense BN (1 each major city, 1 for the capital and 1 in the island chain)(4x Saladin AFV, 40x Saracren APC, 10x Lynx AH.1)

18x Reservist Infantry BN (land rover motorized)

4x Squadrons (1 capital, 1 each to cover western and eastern parts of the country, and 1 in the islands)(training, air defense, coin/cas)(8x Hawk.60, 8x SF-260)

1x Cargo Squadron (8x C-130H)
1x Naval Squadron (6x Wessex-SAR, 6 C-130 Maritime Patrol)

18x Fremantle Class OPVís
Numerous RHIBís for controlling the 2 huge rivers in the country

Over 100x Militias organized into platoon-sized units on Land Rovers, similar to Purple-Landís system. A group of civilians decides to form a militia, and the government gives the weaponís/gear once they are trained. The militia can volunteer for active duty (thus receiving pay) if they so chose (quasi military contractor role). Militias must qualify every year on their weapons systems.

Small Arms are old surplus FN-FALís, MG-3ís and British style mortars. A system of fixed fortifications similar to Switzerland is in place on the northern boarder, built by the British. There are 155mm Guns and 120mm mortars plus numerous bunker complexes to deny the major approaches.

Communist/Socialist country similar to China in their brand of communism, very successful in the post Cold War world. During the Cold War they were the major regional power allied with the USSR. Red-Land has a very large and capable military equipped with Russian/Chinese style equipment. Not quite friendly, but the northern mountains (comparable to the Rockies) present natural barrier to aggression. Tensions between Red-Land and Purple-Land are strained at the moment. Some speculate Red-Land wants to conquer Purple-Land for suspected oil reserves that may exist there.

Red-Land Military:
Army Group Composition:
1 Tank Division
2 Motor Rifle Divisions
1 Cavalry Regiment
1 Hind Regiment
1 Hip Regiment
1 Airborne (helo borne) Infantry Regiment

Divisions Types:
Class A = T-80, T-80 derived HAPCs
Class B = T-62, BMP's
Class C = T-55, BTR's

3x Class A Army Groups
3x Class B Army Groups
6x Class C Army Groups (Mobilized Civilian Reserve)
Estimated equipment for 3x more Class C Armies stored
3x Independent Airborne (para) Divisions

3x Su-27 Regiments (old airframes, but currently upgrading)
3x Mig-29M Regiments
3x Su-25 Regiments
9x upgraded F-7 (mig-21) Regiments

6 Sovremenny Destroyers (ex Russian, in questionable shape)
6 Udaloy Destroyers (ex Russian, in questionable shape)
2 Ivan Rogov Amphibious Ships (ex Russian, in questionable shape)
Numerous Short Range OPV/Cutters and Patrol RHIBs

Red-Land has neglected its navy since the end of the Cold War, but recent discoveries of oil in the Islands owned by Blue-Force-Land has led to a renewed interest. It was recently announced the Destroyers will have their systems upgraded similar to the Chinese standard Sovremennyís. Unconfirmed reports that Red-Land is looking into massively expanding itís amphibious capability and blue water power projection abilities.

Concerns if Red-Land invades Purple-Land, it ďopensĒ the door to Blue-Force-Land since Red-Force can bypass the mountain defenses to the north and sweep in from the east on the plains Ė ideal tank country.

This country has been in a civil war for 15 years. It straddles the equator and his mostly jungle. Jungle covered hills and small mountains form somewhat of a barrier between your two nations. Diamonds fuel the civil war, and spill over drug and illegal diamond trade fuels rebel/criminal unrest in your southern areas. Racial differences fuel some racist undertones in the southern cities. Your people are mostly white, Green-Land are mix of black and south Asian. The civil war began 15 years ago when one ethic group massacred 250,000 of rival ethnic group in a period of a few weeks. Occasional upswings in violence also cause refugee problems on your southern boarder.

Green-Land Military:
~15 BNís controlled by the government
~5 BNís controlled by the main opposition
~5 BNís each controlled by a independent warlord

All units are light infantry, with nothing much beyond small arms and mortars.

A historical ally, but the country is sparsely populated with just 5 million in population for a territory comparable to your size. Recent oil discoveries in the plains has made them a target for Red-Land. Concern is that they would be overrun and that would "open the door" for the Red-Land to invade Blue-Force-Land. Historically they are great small-scale infantry fighters, but donít have the population for large military units. What mechanized and high-end forces they do have use high quality western gear (Surplus Leo2's and JAS-39 Fighters) paid for by the new oil money.

Purple-Land Military:
3x Mechanized BN (40x Leo 2A4, 40x CV-90 & 8x Pz2000, 256 Dismounts)

12x Cavalry Squadron (36x LAV-III, 144 Dismounts)

6x Infantry BN (enough RG-31 for organic lift or can use the Air Force helicopters and transports for air assault or para operations)

Over 100x Militia Platoons (6x RG-31, 36 dismounts)

24 PC-9
24 Hawk Mk.120
12 JAS.39 Fighters (single seat)
12 JAS.39 Fighters (dual seat)
24 Bell 412
12 C-27J
12 C-130J

Yellow-Land is similar to Green-Land in that it is a typical backwater third world country. The main difference is that Yellow-Land consistently manages to avoid civil wars, but it is a dictatorship. Coups happen every so often, usually the military deciding the current El Presidente isnít working out. Yellow Land occasionally backs Green-Land insurgents in exchange for diamonds, which it uses to maintain its old but useful equipment. Yellow-Land does manage to create headaches for Purple-Land, sometimes refugees come across the boarder during particularly harsh governmental crackdowns on dissidents. There is not particularly anything valuable in Yellow-Land, and this is why it escapes international attention for its dictatorial regimes and alleged human rights violations that happen from time to time.

Yellow-Land Military:
1x Presidential Division (4x Separate BNís, 45 T-55ís, 135 BMP-1/2)
6 Infantry Brigade (Unimogs, Towed 105ís)
10 SF-260
10 Hawk Mk.60
10 F-6 (8 single seat, 2 two seat) (mig 19)
10 F-7 (8 single seat, 2 two seat)(mig-21)

Other Threats:
Currently Piracy is rampant among the islands offshore. Although they are operating beyond the chain of islands you control, it is threatening commercial shipping, which frequents your main port city in those islands. If they start re-routing vessels, youíll lose a lot of business.

Many countries are violating your EEZ for fishing purposes and have not responded well to pleas to stop.

Arms trafficking and smuggling to Green-Land sometimes flows through your territory along your porous southern boarder.

Procurement Rules:
You can buy what is typically available to nations friendly to western powers. If you so chose you can buy eastern style equipment as well. There are no regional restrictions on things like BVR missiles, you have plenty of got cash and resources.

However you are not officially allies with the US, so you cannot get technically sensitive stuff from them such as JSF/F-22 etc. You might swing Aegis if you throw some oil contracts in the deal.

Military Budget:
20 billion per year for 3 years for major equipment/projects

5 billion per year cost ultimate goal for maintaining the military

Keep in mind you need a lot of infrastructure for military bases, radar systems etc in addition to combat equipment. Investing in local armament industries would also be a good idea.
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