Military Videos

Looting in Iraq

Looting in Iraq and tanks crushing cars!

US Military Shooting and Firing

Collection of US miltary at work with video footage showing shooting and firing!

The American Military Adventure in Iraq

The American military is a tightly sealed community that few outsiders are able to penetrate. But many senior officers shared their true thoughts and sentiments about the Iraq war with renowned Washington Post military reporter Thomas E. Ricks.

Belarus Military Parade 2005

 This parade from downtown Minsk Belarus features military troops, heavy equipment and tanks, jet flyovers, helicopters and a huge drill team. The marches and style are very much like those of the old Soviet Union. The original tape is not […]

Victory over Germany Russian Military Parade

Russia's Victory over Germany Russian Military Parade Moscow Russia May 9, 2005.

Iranian Armed Forces Show

Video of the Iranian armed forces, including navy, air force and army.

The Quran & The Klashinkov

A Documentary Made in 1998 about the Soviet Afghan war and the aftermath of the conflict, the rise of Osama Bin Laden & Taliban. People   from all aspect talk about the conflict including former CIA and presidential advisors.

JASSM Cruise Missile Launch from B-52 Bomber

JASSM is a precision cruise missile designed for launch from outside area defenses to kill hard, medium-hardened, soft, and area type targets. The threshold integration aircraft are the F-16, B-52, and F/A-18 E/F, and the airframe design is compatible with […]

The Ultimate Race – Fighter, Car and Bike

A fighter Jet, Porsche, and Motorcycle race on a landing strip. Place your bets for first half and second half leaders.

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