Swedish Army Exercise - Combined Challenge 2007


Swedish Army Exercise - Combined Challenge 2007

During the period 23 May - 3 June, the ground warfare exercise Combined Challenge 07 will take place in Skåne, with Åhus, Revinge and Malmö as central locations. Units from the whole of Sweden will participate in the exercise. In total, approx. 6,000 conscripts, 1,500 officers and civilians and hundreds of wheeled vehicles and combat vehicles will partake. Moreover, aircraft and helicopters will be used during the exercise.

The overarching aim with the exercise is to train ahead a future task. The scenario will reflect a peace-enforcing task, of the kind that the Armed Forces could possibly carry out, for instance with the Nordic Battlegroup, which will be in force as from next year. You will meet soldiers and units who together with civilian organisations will support the civilian population, and at the same time make the area safe for people to be in. As the majority of the world's - and Sweden's - inhabitants live in cities or built-up areas, we need to be able to operate in similar environments. Different levels of conflicts will be reflected in the exercise area. It is very complex, and presuppose that soldiers, superiors and units can be trained for the task in such an environment, with as realistic tasks as possible. Combined Challenge 2007 is one of these opportunities.

The Armed Forces test the quality of the units. Our international tasks take place in complicated situations, in foreign environments. It is of utmost importance to be able to handle all types of situations in the best way. To be certain that the Armed Forces' personnel have the right equipment, right training and demands, everything is being evaluated ahead of a possible future task. This exercise is an important milestone for the Armed Forces to be able to guarantee the quality of the units that will partake in the European Crisis Management, available from 2008 - the so-called Nordic Battlegroup.
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Combined Challenge 2007
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