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Leopard 2A5

While for Leopard2A5 Tank-2000 project testing.

Leopard 2A5
MIC218, Dec 26, 2004
    • chrom3titan
      wtf? we have leo2s lol?
    • Soner1980
      No only for test trial. The MBT 2000 tender was cancelled in 2001 crisis and Turkey now has 1 M1A2 SEP, 1 Leo-2A6, 1 T-84 and 1 Leclerc tank. Funny isn't it?
    • masi
      baby u got nothing just lieing to me if u got some thing send me the picture in a email so i will say yes fanily you got some thing on your own
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    Leopard-2A4 (Turkey)
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    Dec 26, 2004
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