You session


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Hi. I'm new here and would really want some advice. Please be kind to me.
I am going to have my YOU session for the ADF this week and is extremely nervous. I am half Australian. I am an Australian Citizen since 2013, although only moved here permanently for 3 years now. It's my dream to join the army. Was supposed to have my first session last December but apparently wasn't able to, I received a call and we decided to move the date sometime in January, no dramas. Unfortunately I wasn't able to attend again, I received a voice mail but I wasn't able to get back. I know it's my fault and I got scared and doubted myself. I was moving places with my kid and finally I got settled in this February and decided to try again so I called them and was able to get in for another You session. This time I am more confident and determined. I am just worried that me not being able to attend before would disqualify me. I know that there might be a possibility as I have read lots of information about it, but here I am giving it a go.
Also I finished high school overseas, but at the time it is equivalent to year 10 here in Australia. Does not specifically include reports for english and math but receiving a Diploma technically means you've passed all subjects. Did trainings here in Australia and went to Tafe. I just don't know if that would be enough.

Please advice me on what is the best thing to do in this situation.