Winning the Afghanistan war.

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scott ryan

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All we have to do is use mass drones. We do the below.

So what we need to do is bring them 2 us. 1 way of doing that can be by showing them huge or target's to attack "but" a drone is overhead.

So we would drive 50 MRAPS every 55min down some roads. A drone is over them roads and ready to attack. So now when they try plan't an ied bomb they will be killed. Driving 55min apart stops them from planting an ied bomb unto night time when we stop driving on them roads. An Ambush would be over within mins with drones over this area.

Traps can be done on ambushes and any style attack.......We just use drones.

To win this war we would need 2 kill them off. The Iraq war full proof id cards will do this. Now go into bad areas and make everyone n id card and start doing the above, that kills them off over 7 years ending the war.

America needs to spend $20 billion on building new mud house city's in the good areas of Afghanistan. That would build 50,000 houses and put up solar panels with Musk battery's. Afghanistan people have kettles and old tv that use f all power. This is done to move people out of bad areas like kids so terrorist cant use them. Polygraph test must be done on parents to stop them making $20 a year to use their kids to plan't bombs or 2 fight.......Now they can be relocated or face the death penalty.

So now we can win that war and kill them off over 7 more years.


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