What are you reading at the moment?


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Yes, I have an interest in the Middle East-Persian Gulf , especially Iran/Syria/Yemen. I will keep Seale and Margolis in mind.The tome by Fisk may take a while to get through...


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“A Line In The Sand: Britain, France And The Struggle That Shaped The Middle East” (Barr)

“Setting The Desert On Fire” (Barr)

“The Berlin-Baghdad Express: The Ottoman Empire And Germany's Bid For World Power” ;McMeekun)

“Lawrence In Arabia” (Anderson)

“Crossing Mandelbaum Gate: Coming Of Age Between The Arabs And Israelis, 1956-1978” (Bird)

Apologies for getting carried away. Always happy to share book titles.
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Slowly making my way through older issues of "Revista Militar" - a military magazine that the Portuguese Army has been publishing since 1849, and the oldest of its kind still being published today without interruptions since the first issue.

In particular in those older issues (900 pages per year...) it is quite interesting in the topics it covers - from organizational charts and descriptions via detail maneuver descriptions to even physics lessons - and its "contemporary military history" section tends to cover whatever current war there is all over Europe. In the first issue it's a report on the current state of the Caucasus War and the then ongoing occupation of Daghestan for example, from the Russian perspective.

It helps that the publicly available digitized versions of even those old issues were done with full OCR and are thus both searchable and can be simply copy-pasted for translation. And even Google Translate is surprisingly good with 170-year-old Portuguese.