What a Sight! Falcon Leap Recovery at the Far End of the Runway


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What a sight is a pretty suitable title to this film. Never before I managed to catch an eight ship formation flying so close to each other with planes like the Hercules and Spartan. The Rogue Formation can in an overhead brake over Eindhoven before landing on the runway 21. I stood at the far end of the runway and managed to catch the complete landing sequel with a very long lens (840 mm). The planes taxied out to the end of the runway and were landing with only 30 seconds gaps between them, which is already quite spectacular to see. I was exited to catch this formation from this angle. As a bonus also the MMF81 T-060 came in right after the landing of the transport planes. Falcon Leap is always an exercise where you can see many international participants. This year Texas ANG Hercs, a Romanian Spartan, and Italian Herc, a British Herc and a Polish CASA were involved next to the Dutch Hercs.