The Goodbye Flight of the KDC-10 at Eindhoven Air Base


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Now that the days are over for the Royal Netherlands Air Force’s (RNLAF) last KDC-10, it is time to look back. This beautiful aircraft made its last flight in service of the air force and is sold to the American Omega Air Refueling Company. This video is showing one of the last landings of the KDC-10 on the soil of Eindhoven. It is a typical feeling good movie with some nice and relaxing music to remember the KDC-10 in Dutch service forever. As a photo and video maker I experienced several good memories with these tankers. I even had the opportunity to fly with this beautiful machine during a Frisian Flag mission. What is your personal experience with this aircraft? Feel free to share your memories to this tanker and the DC-10 in general in the comments below. Sit down and enjoy this characteristic sound of this Pegasus when it is touching down at Eindhoven. The KDC-10 is really the “Queen of the Air Force” in the Netherlands, and we will never forget this plane.