The German Bundeswehr - a "Paper Tiger?"


I am curious about the situation with Germany's airborne forces. It appears there is a 1st Airborne Brigade and it has essentially two battalions, the 26th and 31st - am I correct? The material on the net is unclear and I can't read German.


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The 1st Airborne Brigade consists of two regiments (not battalions), the 26th and 31st Paratrooper Regiments.

The regiments each consist of 11 companies:
  1. / Staff, HQ and Support Company
  2. / Specialized Forces
  3. / Specialized Forces
  4. / Paratroopers
  5. / Paratroopers
  6. / Paratroopers
  7. / Fire Support
  8. / Supply
  9. / Medical
  10. / Basic Training (only in 31st)
  11. / Reservists
The regiments were assembled from three previous battalions each (two paratrooper battalions and an airborne support battalion). Overall strength of each regiment is about 1800 men, i.e. significantly more than battalion size.

For brigade-level troops the 1st Airborne Brigade additionally has two airborne reconnaissance companies (260 and 310) and two airborne engineer companies (260 and 270).