Sukhoi SU-35S in Belarus

Dino van Doorn

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The crews of the Su-35S multi-role fighters of the Eastern Military District, involved in checking the response forces of the Russian Federation to relocate their SU-35S Fighter aircraft to Belarusian airfields. During the flight, the crews made a fuelstop at the airfields of the Central and Western military districts to prepare for the next flight and some rest for the crews. Flight routes of multifunctional fighters are carefully worked out by aviation navigators and take into account the possibility of maximum non-stop flight of aircraft, as well as weather conditions along the entire route. After arriving at the airfields of the Republic of Belarus, the crews of the Su-35S multifunctional fighters will take up combat duty for air defense as part of checking the functioning of the unified air defense system of the Union State.
Video enhancement: GMAP.NL Video credit: Ministry of Defense of Russia