Spanish Navy Photos


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Spanish Navy

Firstly a Brief Recopilation, later the main photos ;)
I'll post just "the main battle ships", I won't focus on minor ships like Patrol ships or similar.

1 Aircraft Carrier (In fact they're 2 carriers, if we consider the "Juán Carlos I" as a carrier)

"Príncipe de Asturias" (R-11)


"Juán Carlos I" (L-61)

6 F-100 Frigates

"Álvaro de Bazán" (F-101)
"Almirante Juan de Borbón" (F-102)
"Blas de Lezo" (F-103)
"Méndez Núñez" (F-104)
"Roger de Lauria" (F-105) (under construction)
"Juán de Austria" (F-106) (it's waiting to be aproved in the parliament)

6 F-80 Frigates

"Santa María" (F-81)
"Victoria" (F-82)
"Numancia" (F-83)
"Reina Sofía" (F-84)
"Navarra" (F-85)
"Canarias" (F-86)


"Galicia" (L-51)
"Castilla" (L-52)


"Hernán Cortés" (L-41)
"Pizarro" (L-42)

4 main Patrol Ships

"Meteoro" (P-41)
"Rayo" (P-42)
"Relámpago" (P-43)
"Tornado" (P-44)

All them under construction, but the Spanish Navy wants 12 of these ships, so they will probably be aproved.

Displacement: 2.500 t

4 S-70 Submarines

"Galerna" (S-71)
"Siroco" (S-72)
"Mistral" (S-73)
"Tramontana" (S-74)

4 + 2 Optional S-80 Submarines

All of them under construction

The rest of ships are patrol, petroleum and logistic ships, I may post them later.
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I've got some pics of some Spanish warships from my active duty days.

Here is F-74 Asturias taken in 2003, she has since been decommed.


I forget when I took these pics, either in 2004 or 2005, it was before they modified the forward stacks so the aft SPY arrays didn't get messed up by the exhaust.

F-106 in 2007.

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I love F-100 frigates and AEGIS system.
is a great boat for the size you have.

this video is good:

[ame=""]YouTube - España-EEUU sistema AEGIS F-100 clase Alvaro de Bazan[/ame]


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[ame=""]YouTube - Spanish Navy[/ame]

[ame=""]YouTube - Spanish Navy[/ame]