Requirements for Canadian Airforce

should i join airforce or not as i interest in electric engineering and airforce

  • i should join military airforce as my family is there for decades

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  • i should nt join

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  • none

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  • none

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Hello there guys! i m a new person here .. i m very happy to post one of my first questions. :D

hi there,
i m thinking of join
ing airforce after I do my 12th grade in 2011 in May. I have 1.75 glass(both eyes) which means i dont have 20/20 eyesight.

I had also gone through a medical surgery of tumor when i was child which thankfully made me very strong mentally and physically, but i m on medicine till date.

My family has always been in military academics so i really want to go to airforce and become a fighter pilot

Please let me know the minimum details for becoming one and how to apply.

Also , i currently live in India but last 2 months ago i got PR of Canadian Residency.
SO will i be able to apply for Canadian airforce or not.

Thanks a lot In advance.