Regulations re: use of combat helmets


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Well peoplle, can anybody help me? i need to find any kind of regulation, from any country or service branch, where it's specified that infantry personnel (primarily HMGunners) MUST use kevlar helmets during combat. We all know this is true thanks to plain common sense, but is it actually written somewhere? any kind of manual or standard issue equipment check-list will do. Thank you


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MIL-STD-662 E is the technical documentation regarding the testing of body armor and helmets. a quick google search yielded the number and MIL-STD-662 F is the actual document that I found open source. On wikipedia I found [ame=""]Personnel Armor System for Ground Troops - Wikipedia, the free [email protected]@[email protected]@/wiki/File:US_soldiers_wearing_the_PASGT_helmet,_Hawaii.jpg" class="image"><img alt="" src=""@@[email protected]@commons/thumb/f/f4/US_soldiers_wearing_the_PASGT_helmet%2C_Hawaii.jpg/300px-US_soldiers_wearing_the_PASGT_helmet%2C_Hawaii.jpg[/ame]
I didn't read the whole thing through as is unusual for me but I couldnt find the proper manual regarding the kit out as a infantryman.

Personnel Armor System for Ground Troops Helmet

As far as my links go that you MUST wear kevlar helmet, I'm not sure if its true see the videos(youtube and others) out of afghanistan where individual troopers arent wearing them, but it would seem to not make alot of sence when they make sailors wear them for GQ or battlestations on board surface ships.