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Question about becoming 1U0X1

Discussion in 'Air Force & Aviation' started by alexxxxc, Jun 13, 2018.

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  1. alexxxxc

    alexxxxc New Member

    Jun 13, 2018
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    San Diego
    Hello everyone, I am new here and this is my first post so please go easy on me if I made a newbie mistake. I recently decided to enlist into the air force and really want to become a sensor operator. I scored a 57 on the general but got a 60 in electronics. My recruiter told me I qualified even though it wasn't listed on my job options, but warned me that even though I qualify, I'm more than likely not going to get the job because it is highly competitive. When I asked him what determines who gets in or not, he didn't know the answer and told me to just take a shot but have a back up AFSC in the event that I do not book it. My question is, is it really that competitive and do I have a very miniscule chance of getting it to the point where it's pointless for me to even try? And if anyone can answer what determines the selection process, that would help a lot. Thank you.