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This you tubers video seems frm some Pinoy that claim using Max Defense source. Basically it talk on PAF process for Multi Role Fighters (MRF), that switch from F-16V to Gripen C/D.

In short this video claims that the MRF budget of USD 1.3 bio or 61 bio Philipine Pesos. That budget can't reach 71 bio pesos offer from LM. The other option of more FA-50 or Gripen being revisited, then Gripen is the choice.

It's not official yet on this choice of MRF, and we know how Pinoy can change their defense procurement policies faster then anyone in region. However despite this video obvious claim on benefits of Gripen operation for PAF, for me they should used the money for more FA-50. Add another 24 of FA-50, add more GCI Radar to improve radar coverage of Philipines. They need more Patrol capabilities, and more FA-50 can be more beneficials.

Anyway just entertaining video in my opinion on recent drama in Philipines defense procurement.


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Suddenly, their defense minister confirmed that there is no money for multi-role fighers, corvettes and OPVs.
This's really raise question on Philippines Administration willingness to build their own security. It will raise question in future whose vendors will take seriously on future Philippines defense procurement project.

COVID create havoc on every government globally. Any defense projects got push either a year or two due to COVID. However there's many fiscal financing ways to lock your procurement plan, even with some delay happen. This off course if they serious with their own defense program.

Even with budget issue, if they're serious, they still can try another LCA squadron instead talking on MRCA. They can go with another squadron of 12 FA-50 and some OPV instead of Corvettes. There will be ways finding more affordable specs for OPV or choose FFBNW path or finding more price friendly vendors. Those if they are serious on developing their own capabilities.

Philippines economy and budget is large enough to do step by step approach. However this talk on delay while keep talking/promising on procuring premium fighters for example, is simply non commitment steps for their own defense development. They simply given false hope to their own citizen.

I'm really irritated with that announcement by Lorenzana. They really playing their own constituents, what kind of behavior that Philippines administration have this days. I'm very critical sometimes with Indonesian current administration, but this behavior by Philippines administration, really beyond my comprehension. Their own citizen now that being threatened in their own water. This administration just send the massage, that's not their problem.
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not official yet on this choice of MRF, and we know how Pinoy can change their defense procurement policies faster then anyone in region.

MaxDefense speculating on PAF begin silent operation to switch again. This's if really happening shown again how "fluid" the Pinoy handling their defense planning. From Gripen to Viper, and now to Gripen again.

Despite all the drama, that always raise question on Duterte administration seriousness on building Philippines defense. I still think under current condition face by Philippines (on budget and security consideration in SCS), they better use the money for another 12 FA-50.

Gripen C/D will provide more capabilities, that's no argument on that. Gripen with similar engine with FA-50 also provide better logistics foot prints (compared to Viper). However they need more Airframes at this moment. Another 12 FA-50 will also eased PAF operational budget to maintain. KAI also already provide modules that even enable FA-50 for BVR capabilities. But more importantly more Airframes, provide more presences. This can provide better massage on Pinoy willingness to provide defense coverage on their own territory.

Then again, nobody can bet when Duterte will be serious in defense building.

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The Philippine Airforce has shortlisted the Swedish 'Gripen' as their next fighter aircraft.

Unable To Buy The F-16, The Philippines Officially Buys The Gripen - YouTube
Thank you for sharing.
But how reliable is this "Force Technology "?
It seems to be runned by a Saab-fan.

Oh wait, ive found something.


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Officially the Philippine Department of National Defense had not made up their mind which fighter jets they are buying. On September their secretary of defense Lorenzana said it's unlikely they will get the F-16 due to budget issues. That's probably the basis of the YouTube video pussertas linked and the article from Global Defence Corp that Sandi Yudha linked. However, a few months earlier, in June, the US State Department approved the possible sale of F-16 to the Philippines, indicating that talks for the F-16 proceeded further than for Gripen. There had been no equivalent news from the Swedish government.

I believe the Philippines government is trying to wheedle down the F-16 price. From the linked PNA article above:
He said the only way the Philippines can acquire F-16 jet fighters is through a favorable "financing scheme" by the US.
I interpret that as "gimme discount or I go to next door store".

Either way I don't have much hope that a contract will be signed until the next administration. Multiple internal factors make it unlikely, many of which has been discussed in this thread. Among them are a budget that is too small for new fighters jets while forbidding the acquisition of used defense systems and the president's dislike of F-16 and America in general clashing with the Air Force's preference for F-16 and continued cooperation with the US. It's not impossible to get over those obstacles, but I am not confident that the current Philippines government wants to make the effort.