Manned Lunar Missions


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I couldn't find an appropriate thread for this, but it seems like it's a good time to start a NASA lunar mission thread, as things are really starting to happen.

NASA said that it has selected SpaceX and its Starship vehicle to serve as the lunar lander for its Artemis Program. NASA selects SpaceX as its sole provider for a lunar lander | Ars Technica

This is NASA's plan to return humans to the Moon later this decade. I think the astronauts are going to ride on the SLS and then dock with 'Luna starship' to land. It's a bit of a dog's breakfast, but the quickest way to get to the moon. Congress had refused to fund the landing part of Artemis, this way NASA can pay 2.9 billion out of it's general funding without needing extra dosh from Congress.

BTW the still unfinished SLS has cost more than 2 billion dollars a years for a number of years.

I expect if the SLS is delayed further then there would be the option of launching the Astronauts on Starship then docking with 'Luna starship' for a landing.

The Ars technica comments are often good, thought this was the best:

Obi Wan Shelby - "I felt a great disturbance in the pork....."

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Arse name...

But maybe we can change this thread into "Lunar Missions " or "Manned Lunar Missions ", so we do not need to make separate threads for Space X, Blue Origin, Luna-Glob/Luna 25 and other lunar projects.


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Northrop Grumman conducted the Flight Support Booster 2 test at its Promontory, Utah facility on July 21, 2022. This test involved a full duration static fire of a 5 segment solid rocket booster of the same type that will be used on the upcoming Space Launch System rocket and the Artemis Program. This is the largest solid fuel rocket in existence at the moment.