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If i remember correctly this video minute 1:27:00

Exactly at minute 1:34:00
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The Italian MOD started the LEOPARD 2 program.
Waiting for the final Parliament ok, only a matter of time, the Army together with Leonardo and KNDS is already starting to set up the facilities to produce the tank in La Spezia, in the same plant used to build the Pzh2000 and that is being used (also) to upgrade the Ariete to the C2 version.
Rheinmetall will probably take care of their share of the program in one of their plants in Italy.
The order that will soon be signed is for:
- 132 LEOPARD 2A8IT, with italian optics, electronics and other minor systems (all from Leonardo)
- 140 LEOPARD 2 Variants ( Pionierpanzer, bergepanzer, wisent, bridge, etc etc)

The italian version, as reported from the army on its website, will have a 40mm and 12.7mm remote turret on top.

The special versions will also replace the current fleet of Leopard 1 variants of the army used to support the Ariete.


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In an unexpected development, Leonardo and KNDS stopped the negotiations for the Leopard 2A8.
The assembly line was already being prepared in Italy, but apparently the two companies failed to reach an agreement after Leonardo asked to put too many of their components in the Leopard platform.

KNDS said they will still offer the tank to Italy but without Leonardo's involvement.

Insiders say that Leonardo is now negotiating with Rheinmetall for a Panther-Lynx deal to build in Italy both vehicles for the Italian army.

Let's see what comes next, but let me say something: that's what happens when you have state-controlled industries like Leonardo.
They are used for political reasons and to get votes.

Who is making choices here? The Army or the industry?
I am beyond mad. That's unacceptable.



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Leonardo and Rheinmetall signed an agreement to form a JV to build new IFVs and MBTs for the italian army.

The deal regards 2 different programs:
1. MBT program:
Approved by the italian Parliament earlier this years, to buy circa 280 new MBTs and variants.
Originally KNDS was selected to produce 132 Leopard 2a8IT MBTs and 140 Leopard 2 support variants. KNDS then withdrew after unsuccesfull negotiations with Leonardo.
The new MBT will now be based on the KF-51 Panther, but the specs are really unknown yet (also because the hull of the KF-51 is a Leopard one).

2. IFV program:
Approved almost 2 years ago, this program aims to buy 1050 IFVs in different versions.
This is a news, because no partner was selected for this program and the previous deal with KNDS didnt include IFVs.
The program aims to replace the aging DARDO and M113 fleet.
The platform selected is the KF-41 Lynx, which will be modified to build all the needed variants.
The army wants a fleet based on the Lynx for:
- Command vehicle
- Anti tank
- Recon
- Mortar
- engineers vehicle
- recovery vehicle
- anti-air spg
- ambulance
- fire support
- ammunition carrier

Italy currently operates a mixed fleet of DARDO, M113s and wheeled vehicles in these roles.


Do not expect magic tricks.
The programs, especially the IFV one, are very long-term and 1050 is the total number of vehicles expected to be acquired within 2037.
Numbers can always change.
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