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Can they really handle the Chinese army? They have good new weapons as you see in the video below. But still they have no chance against them I believe.


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I put this article, as it put the list of 101 defense items that India Government put on negative list to import. I put in this thread as the list mostly related to Army Equipment.

However, found this negative list quite interesting. Like it put as Negative list on DDG (Guided Missile Destroyers), and not surprisingly as India already have Dehli Class DDG. However how about the systems on DDG ? As that where most of cost will be.

Also this list not include Fighters on negative list, but missile like BVR AAM is put as Negative list as way to promote Astra BVRM, which is understandable. However this means all future Fighter suppliers has to open their source code in order to make their system compatible with Astra BVRM. Also, how about Astra BVRM performance it self ? Are Indian AF already comfortable that Astra will be in par with AIM120, R27 or PL15 ? Astra is new BVRM, and perhaps it's too early for India to rely only to Astra , as this negative list will be soon be enforce.

Also, Light Transport Aircraft being put in Negative list and it's bit question to me. Is India already have AN-32 domestic replacement ? Putting LCA is right way as way to make sure Tejas own domestic market, however why Light Transports? Is the Light Transports program with Russia already provide proven products ? Since I read some questions from Indian forums and media on that.

There're some items on those 101 list that in my opinion justifiable considering India own domestic Defense Industry. However some other items, bit questionable in my opinion. What does this Import Negative list means ? Complete Domestic products are also include License Production ? As they put SSK on that list, but unlike China, Japan or ROK, India does not have domestic SSK. They're now still license production their SSK, just like Pakistan does.

Will be quite interesting to see how this's going to develop.
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WOW! That's an extensive list that hints at some very ambitious plans. I mean I think they should be able to build all of their ships in country. Once you have the capacity to build submarines you'll eventually be able to design a submarine that works, more or less. The systems are another matter of coarse, but the list contains a lot of what you'd need.

What's interesting is I saw the artillery on there so I looked around. But the guns they're buying at the moment are 42 caliber guns, but on the list they put 155mm by 52 caliber. Is this to be a different gun from the Bofors derived one, or a modification? And it lists a (presumably) new 7.62x39mm assault rifle, so are they not going to buy new AK's from Russia then? And what I can't find on the list is tanks, presumably because they just ordered more T-90's. But the Arjun program always looked like a source of pride for the Indians much like the LCA, so are they not confident in the mark 2 for their future needs?

They also list AFV's which they are already working on. But I think it's a good idea because they need a lot of those and it's nice to have something that's built specifically for your requirements. But maybe most interesting on this list is all the different radar equipment. Big shiny missiles are very impressive, while support systems like radars don't look as "cool" on the cover of a magazine. But when you're doing SEAD/DEAD you don't target the TEL's but the radars guiding them, and while a missile has to work once a radar has to work all the time and it has to work well.

So to see the Indians put such critical yet not so flashy items on an import block list to stimulate local development makes me believe ,at least a little bit, that they indeed consulted with the end user (the military) and industry to see what was needed and what was possible. And it looks like they are planning on a much needed defense wide upgrade/ rearmament program.