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Hello, I'm new here. I'm an independent scholar specializing in military operations. My name is Steven A. Yeadon.

I do have a question. How rare is it to be a civilian scholar of joint military operations? I wanted to be a military officer, but I am prevented due to disability. I really feel almost one of a kind.

I have been published in Marine Corps University Journal on amphibious operations. In Fires Bulletin on near-peer field artillery and how it shapes the battlefield. I have accepted works to be published with Infantry Magazine on powered exoskeletons and Army Aviation Digest on air assaults in the era of Future Vertical Lift. I have works under review by Armor Magazine on a new tactic for armored brigade combat teams and the Journal of Advanced Military Studies on amphibious operations.


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G'day Steven, welcome to the forum. I don't think it's that rare, but I would think that the academics who would be active in the field, would cover a wider range of topics within the discipline. You should be able to find these through a literature search and checking the authors. Also check institutions outside of the US, in the UK, Europe, Canada Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea and Japan.

Hope this helps.