Elevated railway in India features composite coach bodies


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Designed to accommodate 150 commuters and travel at speeds as high as 100 kmh, Sky Bus railway transit coaches built for India's Konkan Railway (Mumbai, India) by Kineco Pvt. Ltd. (Goa, India) are expected to ease public transportation in congested metro areas. Coaches will have 4m/13.1-ft-wide sliding passenger doors and travel in tandem above existing roadways, suspended beneath an overhead concrete-enclosed railway supported by vertical concrete columns. Inside the track enclosure, electrically powered "bogies" will travel on a patented "floating" track system.



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Quite impressive. But arent you using more building material than needed on a ground level transit. Costs are going to be more. May even look ugly in a city area. There must be advantages to it. Do you know any. Gleat job though.

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Well New Delhi's metro system isn't being considered for Mumbai, due to greater conjestion levels; this overhead rail seems to be the only feasible option for cities like Mumbai(Bombay), Kokotta(Calcutta) and Bangalore. I guess other major cities will go for the Delhi styled system.

Yes it might not be very pretty like the one in New Delhi, but that can't be helped. These cities are very badly conjested and sometimes this seems to be the only option.