Counterinsurgency in Iraq

Simon Berry

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My name is Simon and i'm currently writing a paper on US counterinsurgency doctrine in Iraq for a module of my MA. I'm looking to analyse the new elements that Petraeus introduced and their effectiveness through talking to experts/participants.

Would anyone on here be willing to answer some short questions (4 requiring just short answers) for me that I could then use? Would love to get the views of individuals that were involved and you would help me write a good piece on a topic I find fascinating!

Thank you


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You're asking random people on a website as experts/participants for an Master's level course? That's an interesting approach.

Interestingly, expect for one guy (Gremlin29, I think?), I don't know that there's actually people here who went to IRQ (I was in AFG at same time as P4, but my contribution to the war was printing out powerpoints that mostly were not even read, and monitoring the daily operations of non-operational command)