Cold War era Soviet Army literature


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Could someone point me towards some good literature on Cold War era Red Army weapons, equipment, tactics, strategy etc..? Much appreciated


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Books I do own and would recommend V

Inside the Soviet Military by Carey Schofield: Excellent book, Interviews with Soviet Officers, clear color photo graphs and some information that is hard to find elsewhere. Good look at the men of the soviet armed forces towards the end.

The Threat by Andrew Cockburn : Cockburn was of the "Over hyped threat" school of thought. Still useful though biased and incorrect information abound. He interviewed a lot of Red army vets who immigrated to the US in the 70s and 80s.

Soviet Military Power by William Koenig, Peter Scofield : Koenig and Scofield seem to be more of the "Invincible Red Horde" school of thought but still a valuable book. Mostly articles by various defense professionals of the time.

The Soviet War Machine: An Encyclopedia of Russian Military Equipment and Strategy Salamander Books: Giant reference book, outdated and a lot of incorrect information (its cold war era)

Books I don't own but have heard good things about V

Red Thrust: Attack on the Central Front, Soviet Tactics and Capabilities in the 1990s by Steven J. Zaloga: I don't own this one but Zaloga has never let down in the past

Weapons and Tactics of the Soviet Army by David C. Isby

Soviet Airland Battle Tactics by William P. Baxter

The Soviet Conduct of Tactical Maneuver: Spearhead of the Offensive by David Glantz

And any number of osprey books covering the subject (These will have the best info on the equipment). Anything by Viktor Suvorov (He was a defector so some info will be biased)

There are also a multitude of books covering specific parts of the Soviet military, everything from Strategic weapons to Humor, is very useful as a search engine in this regard. Hope this helped


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Soviet Military Operational Art: In Pursuit of Deep Battle by David M. Glantz. I have not met a book by Glantz that I don't like