Can you help me please? - Attention Russian speakers

AWEC viper

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hello i recently purchased a Russian Cold War era (1962) back pack and was wondering on the origin and use of this bag i only ask this because i am confused by its shape and design. i have enclosed some images for you all to see and if you can speak / read Cyrillic that would be great thank you.

(sorry to big to upload here) Pictures by AWCviper - Photobucket

i will upload more pics if required

the Dimensions are 61Cm by 41Cm not including straps
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It seems to be bigger than most Gas-masks
It didn't look that big in the picture. Its a Soviet Army Soldier Rucksack (Veschmeshok) (Also called "Sidr"in Russian Army slang) If you Google
Veschmeshok you should find more information . :)