Bad News Guys, PAF jet crashed


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It is still unknow which aircraft and what happened to piolet.Pray for him...
If anyone get any news post here...


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Two Pakistani Air Force jets crashes, one pilot killed, other pilot seriously injured.

(Updated at 1620 PST)

ISLAMABAD: Two Pakistani air force A-5 training jets crashed Saturday, leaving one pilot killed and other one severely injured, an air force spokesman said.

The Chinese-built A-5 jet crashed at Misriyal area near Chakwal, about 60 kilometers (40 miles) southeast of Islamabad of which the pilot-Zaheer Ahmed-managed to save his life by ejecting safely and landed by means of parachute, Air Commodore Sarfraz Ahmad.

Another PAF Mushtaq Jet crashed down at Charsda area of NWFP, killing its pilot killed and other one severely injured The cause of the crash was not immediately known. Authorities ordered an inquiry into the incident, which occurred on a training mission.


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Such a sad news. My condolences to the family of that killed pilot. I hope the injured one recovers as soon as possible!

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That is horrible mman! Sorry to hear that pakistanio. I hope india and pakistan retire their old planes and get some new ones!!!


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Crashing A-5 has become a routine...
My condolence to familes of dead


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[ NOTE FROM ADMIN: Please don't LAUGH in threads about dead pilots. You would not want people to laugh when Indian jets crash and we all know how often that happens! If you want to discuss capabilities of the planes, go open a new thread or discuss in threads which are already open on the subject!


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Here's the news from the Dawn:

Pilot killed as two military aircraft crash:
ISLAMABAD, April 12: Two aircraft of the Pakistan Air Force crashed today, killing a pilot and injuring a trainee flyer, a PAF spokesman said. An instructor pilot was killed and his trainee companion was injured when their Mashaq light trainer plane, which Pakistan developed with Swedish assistance, came down during a routine flight near the Risalpur airbase in North West Frontier Province, he told AFP. In the second incident a Chinese built A-5 fighter jet crashed near the town of Pindigheb in central Punjab province, the spokesman said, adding that the pilot ejected safely. No damage was reported on the ground and an inquiry has been ordered into the two crashes, he said.