Aircraft Spotting; RNLAF Volkel Vipers With Centerline Configuration


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It has been a long time ago that in the Netherlands multiple F-16s flew with a centerline tank configuration. Since the introduction of the MLU (Mid Life Update) version of the F-16 Fighting Falcon, the Dutch Vipers flew mainly with the ALQ-131 jamming pod under the centerline.

For the sorties which are shown in this video the F-16s are again old fashioned equipped with centerline tanks and with air to air missile dummies. Also are the F-16s this time active on the parallel runway at Volkel where they come quite close to the fence, which is good for short range video shooting. Also it is nice to see the L-39 Albatross from Skyline Aviation at Volkel. These planes are used sometimes for supporting tasks for the RNLAF.