Two flight trials were conducted today at Integrated Test Range, Chandipur to test the effectiveness of the guidance and control systems of laser-guided bombs. On-board systems in both the trials worked satisfactorily and the mission objectives have been met.

Aeronautics Development Establishment (ADE), Bangalore has developed the guidance kit for 1,000 lb, laser guided bombs. These are designed to improve accuracy of air-to-ground bombing by Indian Air Force.

A number of tests have been performed both through simulation and flight tests over the last few years to reach the required performance levels. The bomb, once released, by the mother aircraft at appropriate range, will seek the target and home on to it very accurately and with high reliability.

All the necessary on-board components are sourced from Indian industry. Another DRDO Lab, Instruments Research and Development Establishment, Dehradun has partnered ADE in this project.

Indian Air Force officers flew the aircraft and released the bombs as per prescribed standard operating procedures.