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Sabot like rounds in small arms (like a rifle) possible?

This is a discussion on Sabot like rounds in small arms (like a rifle) possible? within the Space & Defense Technology forum, part of the Global Defense & Military category; Originally Posted by shooterperth1 This is exactly why I think projectiles and weapons need to be more advanced . You ...

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Old September 13th, 2016   #16
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Originally Posted by shooterperth1 View Post
This is exactly why I think projectiles and weapons need to be more advanced . You mention top attack as the primary way to defeat tanks. Im sure your know about SFW which should or could be developed in a 40mm grenade with both anti-armor and a thermal activated anti-personnel system. In the US they are developing a stand alone A-Armor + A-Personal system to replace mines which fire's theise types of munitions I think the same tech could be developed for a 40mm or if the 40mm is to small a larger grenade could be introduced. Imagin an infantry weapon small and light enough for every man in a fire team has the ability to take on armor and infantry in cover without exposing yourself to the enemy.
A 40mm grenade of any type and with various warheads is going to do diddly against a tank

Edit: Just saw Waylanders comments. Its worth your while to read and absorb what he says. Note his blue coloured handle....
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Originally Posted by Waylander View Post
You don't get any meaningfull AT capability out of a 40mm HEAT arrangement either. Not even against serious modern top armor which incidantly is primarily designed to protect against AT-Bomblets which are quite similar to your proposed 40mm grenade.

You are aware of the size (incl. ammo) of a GAU-8? Add to that a missile system and you are easily within MBT size territory in which case you can just use a MBT. Which ironically fires modern long rod APFSDS ammunition which is designed with heavy ERA in mind.

Apart from that, every tank hunting system which relies on degrading the enemy protection instead of going for a first shot/first kill solution just begs for getting obliterated by return fire. An attacking echelon is not going to be idle while you nibble away on their ERA with the mother of all firing signatures.

Autocannons don't ignite heavy ERA due to it's thick outer plate in combination with insensitive explosives used. You don't just develop new AC ammo. You accept it's limitations and use other AT weapons for the desired effect.

As for airborn infantry not having enough AT weapons. That's the fun of being light infantry away from ones own logistic lines. If the ones you are carrying are not enough add weapons carriers like the Wiesel or even airborn AFVs like the BMD/Sprut to your TO&E. That adds considerable AT capabilities and in the case of the Wiesels was done exactly because the main mission of German paratroopers during the cold war was to be inserted into the path of broken through enemy armor units in order to act as a stop gap to buy time for heavy reinforcements to counterattack and close the hole in the frontline.

But even though if your light airborn infantry has to hold a position against heavy forces for too long it is not a question of the wrong AT equipment but of an operation gone wrong. That is true since Market Garden...

Light infantry is just not meant to duke it out with heavy forces outside of very favorable terrain with lots of fire- and logistical support.
Thanks for the info . I have a lot to learn I appreciate you taking my ideas seriously so I can improve my understanding of theise matters.
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