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Looking for interesting military/defence tech documentaries

This is a discussion on Looking for interesting military/defence tech documentaries within the Space & Defense Technology forum, part of the Global Defense & Military category; ...

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Old March 31st, 2009   #1
Just Hatched
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Looking for interesting military/defence tech documentaries

Hello everyone, i'm new here. I am currently looking for some good military/defence technology documentaries. They can be about anything, ranging from UAVs, military robotics, aerospace R&D, spy planes/satellites, missile defence, new weapons systems, etc

I've already watched a few documentaries pertaining to war-tech, if you know of one that isnt on this list and makes a good fit, then feel free to reply.

List of what i've watched so far:

PBS NOVA: Battle of the X-planes
Short Intro:
Official description:
"From 1996 to 2001, Boeing and Lockheed Martin produced rival designs and prototypes for the Joint Strike Fighter, a stealthy, affordable combat plane intended for the 21st century needs of the U.S. Air Force, Navy, and Marines. In "Battle of the X-Planes," NOVA goes behind the scenes to show the world's newest fighter taking shape, as Boeing and Lockheed Martin compete to win the largest contract in military history"

Personal comment: Probably the best military war-tech documentary i've seen so far. Covers all sorts of interesting details from an engineering/design consideration perspective, as well as the competition between Lockheed Martin and Boeing. 2 hours long, some amazing footage was shown.

PBS NOVA: The Spy Factory
Official description:
"In this program, an eye-opening documentary on the National Security Agency (NSA) by best-selling author James Bamford and Emmy Award-winning producer Scott Willis, NOVA exposes the ultra-secret intelligence agency's role in the failure to stop the 9/11 attacks and the subsequent eavesdropping program that listens in without warrant on millions of American citizens."

Personal comment: Interesting outlook on how tough of a job the NSA has when it comes to SIGINT and how their focus changed after 9/11.

PBS NOVA: Astrospies
Offical Description:
"Millions remember the countdowns, launchings, splashdowns, and parades as the U.S. raced the USSR to the moon in the 1960s. But few know that both countries also ran parallel space programs, whose covert goal was to launch military astronauts on spying missions. In this program, NOVA delves into the untold story of this top-secret space race, which might easily have turned into a shooting war in orbit."

Personal comment: Honestly I had no idea spy satellits were so advanced in the 60s in terms of amazing resolution. The documentary also dicusses Soviet's anti satellite capabilities with its manned spy satellite.

PBS NOVA: Spies that fly
Official Description:
"The air war in Afghanistan showed that sometimes the hottest pilots are sitting on the ground operating the remote controls of UAVs—or unmanned aerial vehicles. In newly declassified footage, "Spies That Fly" reveals the astounding capabilities of UAVs and the ambitious plans for future models. "

Personal comment: Solid documentary on the history of UAV development. Since this one was made in 2006 its probably not up-to-date on the latest/greatest UAV advancements, but worth watching anyways. Discusses UAVS in all shapes and sizes including micro-UAV development (bug-size).

PBS Front Lines : Missile Wars
Official Description:
"On Oct. 7, President Bush spoke to the nation about the threat of weapons of mass destruction in the hands of Saddam Hussein and said that America must be prepared to go to war against Iraq to prevent Hussein -- or terrorists -- from using such weapons. But while the president makes his case for war, if necessary, to disarm (if not destroy) Saddam Hussein, another crucial decision about national security has gone almost unnoticed: the Bush administration is moving full steam ahead with its accelerated plan to build a national missile defense against intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs), a program that could eventually cost more than $200 billion."

Personal Comment: This documentary is a bit old. Discusses more political implications rather than technological details, although technical challenges are also presented.
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Old March 31st, 2009   #2
Troll Hunter
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Hey Operand,

Thanks for sharing the videos. You can watch some more here:


Click on the "more from user" tab on top right. Enjoy!!!

Got a problem? Need help? Contact me!
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Old June 15th, 2011   #3
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Any one has more of the most interesting defence technology documentaries and series to share?
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Old August 28th, 2011   #4
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I'm usually satisfied with the military channel. It's a Discovery Channel spin-off and is packed with documentaries, though some are lower quality than others.
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Just Hatched
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I am looking for website where i can watch documentaries with good streaming and while searching i haven't found anything helpful.Please suggest and recommend me with some websites.

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Old October 17th, 2011
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