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Project 22350 FFG

This is a discussion on Project 22350 FFG within the Navy & Maritime forum, part of the Global Defense & Military category; Originally Posted by Francis Is the project 22350 frigate different form the project 20380 corvette? They are two different projects, ...

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Originally Posted by Francis View Post
Is the project 22350 frigate different form the project 20380 corvette?
They are two different projects, but it seems more emphasis has been put on Project 20380 Steregushchy. It more or less symbolizes Russian Navy's new doctrine, i.e maintaining a smaller but more effective force by reducing number of combattants while introducing more automated systems and more modern C4ISR elements, under hands of less but professional, well trained personnel. Project 22350 heavily depends on the success of Steregushchy, since it will take a lot of technology from him.

By the way, for now Yakhont is only a "future option" for Steregushchy -let alone Pr 22350 Gorshkov- meaning waiting for funding and solving integration issues. First Steregushchy class corvettes will use 3M24E Uran (SS-N-25 "Switchblade") anti ship missiles in two quad KT-184 launchers (similar to Mk141 launchers of RGM-84 Harpoon).

As for the main gun, 130mm/?? AK-130 will be used in Project 22350, while 100mm/70 A-190 was selected for Project 20380 Steregushchy. Today 57mm/70 Bofors and 76mm/62 Oto Melara are almost standard guns for western built corvette and patrol boats, the latter even installed on some succesful frigate designs.

I'm not sure about Project 22350, but Project 20380 Steregushchy uses one Kashtan CIWS. There are future plans to install a second Kashtan abaft helicopter hangar.

I'm very skeptical about Project 20380 Steregushchy's living conditions for personnel, since he operates a good load of weapon systems, such as a large caliber (100mm) gun with two 30mm gatling guns plus two 14.5mm, 8 x SSM's ASROCsky rockets (RPK-9 Medvedka-E), Kashtan, 2 gas turbines and two diesels and a helicopter hangar on a 1,900t hull. Today's corvette design trends put heavy emphasis on personnel living and operating standards, since these boats may well remain on patrol for 2-3 weeks without replenishment. Russians are not famous for putting ergonomy on top of design requirements, but it is a "must" for a navy undergoing modernization, reconstruction and rehabilitation, not to mention introducing voluntary service and professionalism.
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Originally Posted by Big-E View Post
You can't link to external forums...

opps my bad didnt relize it was a forum was only looking at the info section ill delete the link and find a new one

edit- found one im allowed to link to other info sites arnt i?

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if fielded when would the production of the ship end?

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The new 22350 has better arrive real fast... while the Russian navy is putting a lot of efforts on SSBNs such as the Borej and SSN such as the Severodvinsk, the surface fleet is suffering a lot.
The remaining Sovremenny and Udaloy (probably less than 20 by adding up both ship classes) are getting older and their SAMs are obsolescent (SA-N-7 for Sov and shorter range SA-N-9 for Udaloy)... besides, the Udaloy lack SSMs.
Never mind the Krivak (half a dozen left). The Grishas are leaving service fast, and the Neustrashimy... well there's one and may be another one completing.
True there are some other projects besides 22350 and Stereguschi, such as the Novik light FFG, but there are only a couple around (in the Caspain IIRC).

In 10 years' time all Sovs and Udaloys and Krivaks will have left service or will have to be massively upgraded...

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Originally Posted by Big-E View Post
We don't know how well they have done because everything is potentially a radar giveaway. Even US Arleigh Burkes have stairwells and ladders that are made not to reflect radar emissions. From outward appearance it certainly looks like they are making the attempt but I doubt they have the detailed knowldge US engineers have been developing for decades.
Agree entirely. The term stealth appears to be over used. This ship, and other modern surface combatants, are designed for a low RCS in the horizontal plane but are not stealth vessels in the same manner as the DDG1000 or the Lockheed experimental twin hull semi SWATH were. The Visby could be added to this list as well.

The ship still has bulwarks and other features such as the gun mount, semi enclosed spaces (open top but solid bulwarks), masts, weapons mounts and, in the case of the russina vessel, exposed boats which would reflect a radar image. This is particlaulry the case for high flying partol aircraft or UAV's where radar refelctions from such featuers would be more pronounced as the search platform radar is not directly in the horzontal plane to the same extent another vessel, missile or low flying air craft would be. The design of the DDG1000 and Visby appears to address this issue and as such the term stealth may be should only be applied to these vessels.
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