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Is some form of world war still possible in this day and age?

This is a discussion on Is some form of world war still possible in this day and age? within the Military Strategy and Tactics forum, part of the Global Defense & Military category; Originally Posted by exported_kiwi But are the last of the oil reserves in the ME? Brazil has discovered large fields. ...

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Originally Posted by exported_kiwi View Post
But are the last of the oil reserves in the ME? Brazil has discovered large fields. I think I read somewhere that there are more in the southern oceans as well....correct me if I'm misinformed please.

The US has it's oil shale and Canada has it's oil sands.

I think, if it's over resources, oil will not be a significant player. It'll more likely be over unpolluted arable/grazable land as well drinkable fresh water, after all, we cannot eat or drink oil. Yes, we are used to living with products made from oil but, they're conveniences more than necessities when it comes down to survival.

If anything is initiated in the ME, it'll probably be of an ideological or religious issue. These things seem to be more of an issue over that way, especially now that the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt appears to have one that election with the army still holding sway over things.
I think initiating a war is more emotive than anything else...who has the biggest and best sort of thing.......

......your thoughts on this folks?
It is also for political reasons. Often when a leader declares war on a country, his favorability % goes up. As long as there is politics, I think this will serve as motivation for a small war, which can quickly escalate into a major worldwide conflict.
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Originally Posted by DJ_Lethal View Post
Take a look in asia. A lot of countries is in tension at that area and at any minute war could erupt.
What would you base this startling piece of analysis on? Methinks you need to add your reasons why you think war could erupt any minute. Also the mods do not like one liners and tend to get a bit cranky about them.
"There is one immutable truth we cannot prevent; war is coming, we just don’t know when or where." Brigadier Andrew Harrison DSO MBE
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