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Is russia still a big player

This is a discussion on Is russia still a big player within the Geo-strategic Issues forum, part of the Global Defense & Military category; Now I don't think so but still it could be anonymous and mystery from all over the word.. You are ...

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Now I don't think so but still it could be anonymous and mystery from all over the word..

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Originally Posted by wsb05 View Post
I do not see any ladas driven in europe, middle east ... plenty of korean cars though. I am not aware of any cooling compressors from russia. no CNC machines from russia. No slaughterhouse from russia. No meat grinder from russia. No computer from russia. No cell phone from russia. No swimming goggles from russia. No sunglasses from russia. No international fashion brand from russia. No international ice cream company from russia etc. How do you expect russia to be a global power with the current trend?!
But you do see nuclear reactors, ships, airplanes, etc. being exported from Russia. Traditionally, and to this day, Russian consumer goods sector is weak, and largely non-competitive. But when it comes to providing products of heavy industry the story is quite different. For example significant parts of Boeing civilian aircraft are made in Russia. The same goes for Airbus. Russian agricultural combines Torum-740 and Torum-760 are quite popular, with some even exported to the US. And Russian KaMAZ and Ural family trucks see good export success too. And of course anyone who pays attention to politics should know that the US bought Russian combat/transport helos for the Iraqi and Afghan militaries in Russia.

Fun fact KaMAZ is 8th in world in diesel engine production. So yes, Russia doesn't have an international ice cream company, and can't make (or more importantly market) a decent pair of sunglasses to save their lives, but that doesn't mean that their economy isn't developing.
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