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CANADA / NATO and 2% of GDP Budget

This is a discussion on CANADA / NATO and 2% of GDP Budget within the Geo-strategic Issues forum, part of the Global Defense & Military category; I think Japan and NZ will do more for obvious reasons. Don't forget Singapore, they don't shortchange defence. Concerning Canada, ...

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I think Japan and NZ will do more for obvious reasons. Don't forget Singapore, they don't shortchange defence.

Concerning Canada, geography is no excuse for our pi$$poor defence expenditures. We have the longest coastline in the world and have a navy that realistically is now a coastal force due to our AOR situation. Blue water activities are only possible when our allies accompany our frigates. Canada no no longer offer reliable icebreaking capabilities due to the limited fleet of ancient heavy icebreakers. HADR capabilities are pretty much non-existent even for Canadian coastal areas. The same applies to SAR. The RCAF is in better shape relative to the other two branches of our military ( new CH-147 Chinooks, C-130Js and C-177s) but new fighters are years away (if ever).
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Originally Posted by USAF77 View Post
You'll never see most NATO countries reach 2% of their GNP spent towards defense. The exceptions will be England and France which will stay right around 2% and probably only because they have such large investments in defense related Industry. Germany will never spend 2%.

Turkey?? So much is given somehow to Turkey its hard to tell what they are spending and what they aren't. Besides they will continue to be a most unreliable partner in NATO.

The reason for this is two fold. Fist off they have become so reliant on the American tax payer paying for their defense, as has the American taxpayer. Secondly they will continue to have socialist Govt.'s that consider defense secondary to any and all social programs. Even the ones with fairly robust economies like Germany, the Scandinavian countries...ect Its "bread before bullets" for them and now made even worse by their reckless immigration policy's.

Canada's the same, only they also have the excuse of being far removed physically. They all hover around 1% of GNP and I dont expect much increase. When America's pressures for so long to no effect what does that tell you?

In Asia the only ones coming close to pulling their weight are the Aussie's and the SK's. The SK's cause they have to. The Aussie's are at 2% and the SK's are at 2.6%. Japan and NZ are at 1% or lower.

I personally don't think people should get too hung up on percentage of GDP, for instance 1% of both NZ and JPN is vastly different to each other and there stratgic situation and commitments has a bearing on defence capabilty, but also in saying that there are country that have means of doing more than they currently are. Defence spending is influence by the leaders of the time after all it was not that long ago we in Australia was down closer to 1% whist dueing the coldest it would hover at around 2-2.5%
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