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T90 vs M1A2 TUSK Abrams. Who would win?

This is a discussion on T90 vs M1A2 TUSK Abrams. Who would win? within the Army & Security Forces forum, part of the Global Defense & Military category; Okay, I've heard alot of claims from Russian fanboys and American fanboys and experts both claiming their countries tank is ...

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Exclamation T90 vs M1A2 TUSK Abrams. Who would win?

Okay, I've heard alot of claims from Russian fanboys and American fanboys and experts both claiming their countries tank is better than the other. I personally think the Abrams is the best tank in the world mainly because the crews are some of the most well trained (15 weeks minimal from simulations at Ft. Knox to getting to drive the real thing), and likely the most experienced (veterans from 1991 to Afghan) and the Abrams has definately seen the most combat and proven itself more than any other tank excluding the Merkava Mk.1 (I know the T72 has seen more, however, it didn't do as well, and the T72B has yet to see more). A few facts you should know before discussing. The situation is both tank crews are equally trained. He opponents are the T90A and a marine corp M1A2 TUSK Abrams (the latest active version of both).

Marine corp M1A2 TUSK Abrams specifications:
The Abrams TUSK (Tank Urban Survival Kit) has a soft kill system, and currently a hard kill system is in the works. It can also create a smoke screen. It also has ERA on the side panels and two unmanned machine guns call the CROWS, which can carry a .50 Browning MG, and optional grenade launcher It has seen live combat in the Arabian Gulf (1991 Gulf War), Afghanistan, and Iraq (2003 invasion of Iraq), and has also seen inactive service in the KFOR group in the Kosovo War in. It's main arnament is a 120 mm L44 rheintmall gun. It's armor is a mix if DU mesh, and first generation British made Chobham armour, along with slat armor along the rear engine plate. It can also fire a tungsten round capable of defeating modern ERA. It travels at a speed of 43 MPH, and has a range of 279 miles with NBC equipment. It has killed tanks at 2 miles maximum. The conventional anti-ERA armour round is effective at 2 km and a 12 km missile is currently in development (weapons in development are not part of the discussion).

Russian Army T90A "Vladimir" specifications:
The T90A "Vladimir" is the most advanced MBT in service with the Russian Army at the moment. It has a hard and soft kill system (ARENA active defense system and SHTORA-1) which have both been tested succsesfilly against Russian weapons systems. It also has KONTAKT-5 ERA, which is fitted around the turret and upper hull. It has defeated several convential rounds. The T90 has a laser warning system as well as an EMP to disable electric mines. The T90 has never seen combat, but has seen minor action in Chechneya. The speed is 37.25 mph, and the range is 340 miles. It's firing range is 6 km conventional, and 8km, missile. The gun is a 125 mm smoothbore cannon. It can also emit a smokescreen.

Before this gets started, one thing, equip like the laser warning system, and EMP are not important! They are in no way effective in tank on tank combat. Hard and soft kill systems are important in tank on tank battle because they allow missiles fired from the tank to be destroyed.
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Defence Talk does not allow "x vs y" threads as they quickly turn into fanboy arguments (as you indicated at the start of your post). Detailed discussion of weapon systems is desirable, not boxing match-type comparisons of one-on-one combat, because such scenarios are not particularly realistic. This is detailed in the forum rules, which can be found here: http://defencetalk.com/forums/rules.php
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Thread closed for violation of Forum Rules. Alo Durry heed Bonza's advice and read the rules.
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