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SIMA MGP-84 submachine gun

This is a discussion on SIMA MGP-84 submachine gun within the Army & Security Forces forum, part of the Global Defense & Military category; Has anyone here came across an MGP-84 submachine gun? A semi auto "Assault Pistol" of the MGP-84 is rumoured to ...

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SIMA MGP-84 submachine gun

Has anyone here came across an MGP-84 submachine gun?

A semi auto "Assault Pistol" of the MGP-84 is rumoured to have replaced the Browning HiPower in the Peruvian military.



Quote from: http://www.riflesnguns.com/submachine/sima/mgp84

The MGP -84 is a Peruvian MGP series of guns, produced by the Peruvian Navy's SIMA CEFAR or SIMA Electronica in 1996, as it is known now. It offers compact 9-millimeter submachine guns and semi-automatic pistols, which is classified as a personal defense weapon. The acronym MGP stands for 'Marina de Guerra del Peru.'

After the World War II, the Peruvian's had already designed, produced, and deployed its MGP-79/MGP-79A/MGP-87 series. This led to more ambitious programs that tried to improve on the designs of the World War II weapons that the earlier MPGs series were based on. These closely adhered to the British STEN, German MP38, the American M3 Grease Gun, and similar other guns others used at the time.

The MPG 15 or what was later to be updated as the MPG 84 was made to replace the Israeli Uzi guns and the Browning Hi-power that was produced under license by SIMA-CEFAR. This was the first Sima-Cefar submachine gun that became the standard weapon for the Peruvian army. It was also a successful export for the country. The MPG 84 is a compact submachine gun, with a telescopic bolt that surrounds the barrel. The design is based on a simple blowback system and it fires from an open bolt. These are equipped with folding stocks that steadies the weapon when fired at longer ranges. All the MPG guns are to be fitted with a suppressor that uses the Uzi magazines. The main body of the pistol grip, magazine housing, trigger guard, and firing mechanism housing is made from synthetic material. The buttstock is made of a steel arm and a synthetic buttplate. This folds into the to the right side of the gun and helps in reducing the length of the gun from 503 to 284, making it just a 67 mm longer than a Beretta Model 92 semi-auto pistols. It is one of the reasons that it could be a preferred gun for bodyguard or covert operation duties.

The gun is accurate especially in the semi-automatic mode. The sights are adjustable till 100 to 200 meters situations, and have a good cyclic rate of fire 650-700 rounds/minutes. However be aware that though it can be fired with the buttstock folded and single-handed like a pistol, it loses accuracy, so this is best done only in extreme cases. The cocking knob is fastened directly to the bolt and is well designed. It is large enough to be manipulated and yet does not get catch onto bushes, clothing, gear etc. Similar to the earlier MGPs the MG 84 has a 20- and 32-round magazine, which is like the Uzi guns. A two-position feed type, it is easier to load by hand. The controls are well sized, with the fire selector placed above the forward end of the trigger guard. This has the four settings of "S' or safety, "1x1' or semi-auto, and "A' or automatic. The MPG 84 design is based on actually understanding the need for an accurate, small submachine personal defense weapon.
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