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zplizzi November 11th, 2012 01:41 AM

Bulldozer Blade Armoring
What is the feasibility of using a bulldozer blade as the main frontal armor on a battle tank?

The idea is that the bulldozer blade would be made out of the same composite armor that the frontal armor of the tank currently is made of, in a similar thickness to offer the same protection. Of course, the blade would not be inclined at the same angle the front of the tank is - but if I understand correctly modern composite armor performs best when shot at straight-on anyway. The current frontal armor on the tank would be taken off and replaced with just a light armoring.

The idea is that the bulldozer blade acts kind of like a frontal skirt - moving the explosion away from the tank. Of course, this would be most effective against HEAT rounds and RPG's/anti-tank missiles.

Also, there is the added bonus that each tank would be able to bulldoze stuff - in seconds the tank could plow up several meters of dirt in a pile in front of it to conceal and further armor the tank.

This seems like a good idea to me - but I'm sure there's problems I've not yet thought of.. help me find them :)

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