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WW2- German Air Raid!

This is a discussion on WW2- German Air Raid! within the Air Force & Aviation forum, part of the Global Defense & Military category; The following is a German attack scenario. It uses experimental weapons and constitutes a totally different outcome to the second ...

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WW2- German Air Raid!

The following is a German attack scenario. It uses experimental weapons and constitutes a totally different outcome to the second world war. This scenario is based on a setting in which the German wunderwaffen had been produced in higher quantities.

Date: March 22, 1945 9:32 PM

Setting: The German advance has proceeded unhampered by allied forces. Their technological supremacy is evident, and now the Germans fighting on two fronts look to invade Britain. This scenario starts with the first wave of German air attacks to make way for invading forces.

Attack Raid!
German 19/234/290/402nd Air division and 180/345th bomber wing of Luftwaffe-
x256 Me-262 Shwalble (Stormbird)
x116 Ar-234
x79 Ho/Go-229
x129 He-162

British Royal Airforce-
Remaining force 555th reserve air wing-
x99 Gloester Meteor
x299 Spitfire Mk. 2
x47 Hurricane II
x144 Fw-109/D

As waves of German aircraft approach Dover British radar dispatches coordinates to remaining flight wings of the 555th Air wing.

First allied intercept fighters on scene are the newest British jets the Gloester Meteors. 67 Meteor's arrive meeting enemy forces 88 miles south of Dover.

Greatly outnumbered the fighting is swift. As the RA begins to lose hope 32 more Meteors make it just in time to avoid a retreating action. The Me-262's are far more menuverable than allied meteor fighters. The Meteors are shredded withing a span of thirty minutes leaving the far more numerous German planes to continue on to target.

The German Ar-234 jet bomber aircraft drop altitude and release munitions in a tactical attack on British entrenched defenses. The AA fire is virtually useless against the German jet bombers. Thirteen of the 116 Ar-234 bombers are lost. The British casualties are low but their fortified positions have been obliterated. As the swarming German jet bombers prepare to return to base a wave of outdated 47 British Hurricane II fighter aircraft proceed to inflict damage on the retreating Ar-234's, which is a futile act. 3 Ar-234 aircraft are shot down before 129 He-162 aircraft intercept, 38 of the Hurricane II fighters are shot down with only 2 He-162 aircraft loss. The British forces receed. 27 miles south of dover a final obstacle has sneakily blocked the path of returning German aircraft. 299 Spitfire aircraft wait just a hundred feet off the waves. When the German aircraft appear they pop up and attack head on.

2 Ar-234's are lost, 16 Me-262's are lost and 1 Go-229 are lost within the first bursts of fire. The Germans highly startled return fire knocking out 28 Spitfire aircraft within a span of a fifteen seconds. The air battle is quick, the British used the surpirse well, in superior numbers they turn and flank German aircraft knocking out 13 He-162.

But alast, German technology is too great. Several groups of Go-229 flying wing fighters swing around and open up from a top side drop and dive attack. 16 Spitfire aircraft lost. The Go-229 is the most heavilly armed and menuverable fighter in this battle and easily take out three dozen Spitfire aircraft in the ensuing eighteen minutes with a loss of only 5 Go-229 aircraft.

The Spitfire retreat mostly intact, having sapped German morale both air fleets return home. But the Germans have paved the way for a future victory.
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