With the increasing attention the ‘5th Generation fighter’ issue has been getting recently, aviation writer and analyst Bill Sweetman on his Aviation Week blog, has joined the debate, following on from the recent ‘What is a 5th Generation Fighter?’ article published in the latest edition of Eurofighter World (2/2010).

Boeing have also jumped at the chance to add their two cents worth on the issue, and there has been significant discussions across the media from the likes of another aviation writer, Stephen Trimble on his DEW line blog published on the Flightglobal website.

Given that the topic is such a hot one, Eurofighter will be holding a presentation based on the Eurofighter World article at Farnborough International Air Show, as it seems, will Boeing.

Aside from the accuracy of the ‘generation’ classification, we will discuss a basic concept: “A fighter is a dynamic combat aircraft whose aerodynamic characteristics, sensor suite and weapon capabilities are optimised to achieve the control of the air”. The debate rages as to whether all new generation fighters are actually that – fighters.

You can be sure we will keep you up to date as the debate continues.