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Defence News
Poland ousts 90 percent of top brass in defence overhaul

Pakistan orders new MRAP vehicles

EUCOM, NATO troops undertake global exercise ?Austere Challenge?

Army implements new, improved ammunition management system

Germany to boost troops as US urges more defence spending

Pakistan Orders SharpEye Radar for Submarine Upgrades

MERET Unveils New Ballistic Armored Protection Backpacks

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Photos in our Military Gallery

USMC KC-130J Super Hercules Tanker/Transport

[ KC-130 (USA) ]


USAF F-16 Viper Fighter Aircraft

[ F-16 (USA) ]


US Navy E-2C Hawkeye Airborne Early Warning Aircraft

[ E-2 (USA) ]


USMC AV-8B Harrier Attack Aircraft

[ AV-8B Harrier (USA) ]

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World Armed Forces
Pictures of the Global Military and armed forces
Rest of the World (4 viewing)
Pictures of the armed forces of the rest of the world countries that aren't listed. This includes Militaries of Africa, Europe, Asia and Pacific countries.
4,059View last photo posted
US Military (7 viewing)
United States (American) Military Photos of weapons of the US Air Force aircraft, US Army vehicles, US Navy ships and US missiles!
7,534View last photo posted
Chinese Military (4 viewing)
People's Republic of China military pictures of the Chinese Air Force (PLAAF) aircraft, Chinese Army (PLA) equipment, Chinese Navy (PLAN) ships, chinese missiles and chinese military weapons
4,118View last photo posted
British Military (6 viewing)
Britain's Military Pictures and Photos of the British Royal Air Force aircraft, Army equipment, Royal Navy Ships, British Missiles and weapons
833View last photo posted
Mikoyan-Gurevitch MiG-29K.jpg
Russian Military (5 viewing)
Pictures of the Russian Military weapons and equipment including Russian Air Force aircraft, army vehicles and Navy ships
6,095View last photo posted
Pakistani Military (4 viewing)
Pictures of the Pakistani Military equipment and weapons including Pakistan Air Force (PAF) aircraft, Pakistan Army equipment, Pakistani navy ships and Pakistani missiles
1,154View last photo posted
Indian Military 
Pictures of the Indian Military weapons including Indian Air Force aircraft, Indian army weapons, Indian Navy ships and Indian missiles
1,213View last photo posted
Dassault Rafale M at sunset.jpg
French Military (2 viewing)
Photos of the French Military weapons including French Air Force aircraft, French Army weapons, French navy ships and French missiles
400View last photo posted
Turkish Military (4 viewing)
Photos of the Turkish Military weapons including pictures of the Turkish Air Force aircraft, Turkish army equipment and Turkish Navy ships
2,412View last photo posted
NATO Countries (2 viewing)
Pictures of armed forces of the non-nuclear NATO Member Countries and their military forces.
1,708View last photo posted
Military Wallpapers & Art (2 viewing)
Military weapons wallpapers pictures. Even though all of the gallery is good to look for wallpapers for your desktop, these pictures in here are carefully selected so you don't have to look that hard!
680View last photo posted
Defence & Military Events
Air shows, defence shows, special military displays
Defence Shows 
Military Photos and Pictures from various defense shows taking place around the world.
1,664View last photo posted
Air Shows (1 viewing)
Military photos and pictures of air force displays and air force air shows!
6,755View last photo posted
Military Exercises 
Military photos and pictures related to defense and military exercises (war games, etc.) held between various countries.
2,251View last photo posted
Professional Photography 
Section for professional photographers to store their pictures on Defencetalk! This contains category for each photographer. If you are a professional photographer please contact us for details. This service is free and comes with unlimited space
World at War & Conflicts
World Pictures of the Wars, conflicts and flash point zones around the world.
Afghanistan (26).jpg
Afghan Wars (1 viewing)
Pictures of ALL Afghan wars from 70s up until now.
229View last photo posted
India vs Pakistan Wars 
Pictures of wars between India and Pakistan
69View last photo posted
Military Classics 
Military photos and pictures of the military classic or old equipment.
151View last photo posted
Russian Wars 
Pictures of the Russian Wars and conflicts
363View last photo posted
69View last photo posted
Wars in Middle East 
Pictures of the wars in the middle east region, including civil wars and iraq / Gulf Wars
389View last photo posted
World Wars (3 viewing)
Photos from the World War one and World War Two
5,907View last photo posted

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Photos in our Military Gallery


[ General ]


CAF Snowbirds Flight Demonstration Team

[ Air Force ]


Italian Air Force OPEN DAY 2007

[ OPEN DAY 2007 ]


Wing Commander (Rtd) Mohammad Mahmood Alam.

[ PAF-Other ]

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